Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Memories

For the longest time my husband has wanted to show me the place he likes to hunt. He says it's beautiful in the fall and always asked if I could go there with him. Time slipped away and I was never able to go sit with him hunting (busy taking care of 2 kids) and really sitting out in the freezing cold hunting isn't something I really want to hire a babysitter for. So now that it's warming up I thought we could take advantage of his day home and go for a hike.
     So off into the wilderness we went! It must have been a long winter because, wow, I forgot how many bugs there are outside!! I was swinging at flies left and right and who knows how many gnats I probably ate. Not to mention our hiking trail...wasn't actually a trail. I'm lucky I don't have any rips in my jeans from all the thorn bushes we walked through. 
Mental note: If we decide to go on another adventure like this, we are going to need to invest in a baby carrier. Hiking with a squirmy 18lb baby girl is quite the workout, especially when you have to walk up the steepest hill imaginable. Climbing up that mountain with kids was quite a sight I'm sure. On the way down Ashton was crying for daddy to help him and not mommy because apparently I was making him nervous and he was scared he is going to fall down the hill. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous about that happening too.
But we made it home safely without any bumps, bruises, and surprisingly no only 2 ticks. 
Looking back at what we called our adventure, it's easy complain and say that the whole trip was a bad idea. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat because today we made a memory.
I'm learning memories don't always have to be glamorous.
Sometimes they are down right dirty and itchy.
But they are memories nonetheless. 
And today was a memory we made together as a family.
In my mind, those are the best memories we make.

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