Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tiny Home Bedroom

Living in a tiny home takes some sacrifices. For us, the biggest one is the fact that it's a one bedroom house and there are 4 of us. 
Until we get a sleeper sofa for the living room all four of us share this one bedroom together.
So now you're probably wondering where do we all sleep?
At the moment, Alaya sleeps in a pack & play that I set up each night.
Ryan, Ashton, and myself all share the bed you see.
The bed is actually two twin mattresses resting on the floor. We just slide the top one off and make one large bed on the floor. 
The plan for this room, after my husband and I get a sleeper sofa for the living room, is to then get a trundle bed. It will be the kids room so when Alaya grows out of the pack & play she can sleep on a trundle bed that rolls out from Ashton's bed.

I'm not minding the set up the way it is right now actually. 
Except for the fact the mattress seem rock hard, it's not that bad. I like it much better now than how it was when we first moved in!
For the first few weeks there was a full size bed in the room!
It took up nearly the entire room!
There was just enough space for the pack & play but nothing else! It was quite cramped.
So I'm loving this set up much better because of all the floor space we have now!
It's now the bedroom AND toy room!
Not to mention, Alaya is getting quite mobile so it's nice to be able to put her on a carpeted area since the rest of the house has hard wood flooring.

So that's our bedroom for now.
Hopefully soon it will just be the kid's room.
Until then, I'll cherish the closeness we have and the cuddles we share.

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