Hey there!!
I'm Whit & this is my husband Ryan.
He is the greatest man I know.. 
..as well as the biggest goofball.
He makes me do the dumbest  silliest things.
We have a lot of fun together!

Together we have 2 rugrats.

My little man Ashton is 2 years old and has energy like you wouldn't believe.

And Alaya is almost 6 months old and is the happiest and sweetest baby girl.

And we can't forget our 3rd baby...

We are your atypical family.
What makes us atypical?
We live in a house the size of your garage.
Just kidding!
But really, our house is under 500 sq ft and would be considered a tiny home.

Our decision to move was based on our desire to live a life of simplicity.
A life free of clutter.
A life of financial freedom.
A life with less distractions.

Less is more!

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