Saturday, May 30, 2015

5 Things I hate about my Tiny home

I decided to start this blog in order to share our experience of living in a tiny home. Experiences both good and bad. I want to be real with you and not cover up the hard times and fool you thinking it's always flowers and rainbows! We have our good days and bad days.
 Let me first start out by saying, we love our tiny home! It has provided freedom for us in so many ways.
But I would be lying to you if I said it was always easy! Come on, we are a family of four living in a one bedroom house under 500 sq feet!
So today I want to briefly share 5 things I hate about the tiny home.

#1. The clutter.
For someone who doesn't like clutter, I have a lot of it. 
It's inevidable things will start to gather and collect in the corners of a tiny home.
You must continually go through the house looking for things to get rid of because if you don't, you will drown in clutter and stuff. Especially with kids!! It's a never ending job trying to go through all of their clothes and get rid of what they grow out of. Not to mention their toys-but I'll get to that...

#2. Shoes.
I have yet to find a good way to store shoes.
I'm constantly picking up shoes that are lying around. Most shoes are now stored in some empty drawers I have in the bedroom. But since we go outside a lot, there are always 3 pairs of shoes waiting by the door. They just sit there staring at me, knowing they are driving me crazy.

#3. Counter & Cabinet Space
I cook for 4 people and hate grocery shoppping, which in turn, means I buy a lot of groceries at once.
I run out of cabinet space rather quickly, so groceries tend to invade my already small counter space or clutters on top of the fridge.
Have I mentioned I hate clutter?

#4. Toys.
I could swim in all the toys my children have. When we first moved in, we had gotten rid of a lot of the toys.
Slowly but surely, they are beginning to multiply.
Today I'll be pulling out the trash bag to make a trip to Salvation Army or putting some away in the closet for a rainy day.
When I get overwhelmed by toys, I try not to look at this picture of the toy room of our old house...
(Just look at all the space!!)

Moving on...

..And last but not least..

#5. One bedroom.
I really don't mind sharing a bedroom with my children. I like having them close by.
I love the security of it especially on nights my husband is at work. In fact, I think I'll struggle when we move into a bigger house and my kids have their own bedrooms. But at the same time, I wouldn't mind at all having a bed of my own. We plan to get a couch that pulls out into a bed but we have yet to find a good price on one. So for now, the three of us share a bed and Alaya in her pack&play. Another downfall to once bedroom is once one person wakes up, we are all up! Normally it's Alaya who wakes up first.

 One bedroom also means that if big brother is napping, Alaya can't go in the bedroom to take a nap. Unless I'm lucky enough to get a day they take a nap at the same time! If not, I don't like to risk putting her in the bedroom if Ashton is already in there sleeping. Never wake the dragon!

So there are just a few not-so-grand aspects of living in a tiny home as a family.
I can't wait to share with you 5 things I love about my tiny home tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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