Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mama's New Mini

What a crazy week it's been.
My husband started his new job this past week as a firefighter!
Ashton LOVES going down to the station to see all the big trucks and equipment.
 With a new job, comes a new work schedule which much different from when he was a teacher. He now works 24 hours and then has 48 hours off. My weeks and days are all jumbled now because ever few days feels like it should be the weekend with him home! nonetheless I love having him around more and putting him to work helping with the kids or washing dishes. Hehe It's much easier to get tasks done around the house now or run errands.

We took advantage of his days off and have been on the hunt for a new vehicle. We had an old 96 buick lesabre with 155k miles on it. She's still had a lot of life left in her but we desired something a little more convenient for a growing family. We lucked out and found a great deal on a new mini van!

And when I say new, I  mean new to us! It's actually a 2003 model but that doesn't bother me. Like I said, I was driving a 1996 buick lesabre  (aka grandma car ).
We cringe at the idea of making payments on anything so knew we wanted to pay cash for a vehicle.
I'm not sure how long we would have had to wait to 
get a van if we still lived in our "Big House" as Ashton calls it.
In our bigger house our financial situation was quite tight.
I'm a stay at home mom so we live on one income and that income is quite small! Our old house's mortgage was twice the size of our house now! Not to mention in our old house the taxes were $2,400 a year compared to our now tiny $180 payment a year. So our tax payment for the entire year in our tiny house is less than the MONTHLY tax payment we were making on our old house. Jeesh! 
Did I mention I love my tiny house?

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