Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tiny House Love

We have gotten a lot of mixed comments since moving into our tiny home. 
That was to be expected though. 
We knew not everyone would understand why or how we could possibly live in a house under 500 sq ft with 4 people and throw in a less-than-small puppy! 
When we tell people we love our tiny home some ask "Do you really love it?"
As if we aren't telling the full truth or don't want to admit if we don't like it.

So I want to take a moment and express my true thoughts & opinion of our tiny home.
I DO love it! Honest.
Here are a few brief reasons why....
I love having less stuff.
I love having my kids close by.
I love having a smaller mortgage.
I love having smaller energy bills.
I love that it makes me less needy.
I love living closer to my sister.
And my favorite, I love having less to CLEAN!!! 

I'll dwell a little more on these reasons another time. 
But to answer the common questions we get... 
No we aren't crazy.
It's a one bedroom home. 
476 square feet to be exact.
Yes there is room for you to come visit us.

And yes, we really do love it!


  1. I am so excited about this blog and your journey! I think it's an awesome path to take and totally get where you are coming from. We likely won't move into a tiny house ourselves, but I discovered the tiny house movement and minimalism around the same time last year and cleared out at least 40% of our stuff in about 3 weeks and am still processing through the rest here and there. It's so nice not to be owned by stuff and be able to see and focus on what really matters. =) (this is lindsey_loves from Instagram)

    1. Thanks Lindsey! You're so sweet! A tiny home isn't for everyone, and it's a temporary home for us now..but I think you're right in that we can all take lessons from Tiny House Living and Minimalism. With less stuff comes less stress I believe! That's awesome you're downsizing! Doesn't it feel so gooood?!!

  2. We get tons of questions about living in a tiny house. There are definitely some amazing aspects. But after 6 months, there are also some challenges. Not deal breakers, but things I don't love. I think it's something that comes with any living spaces - good and bad. :)

    Good luck in your new home. (Stopping over from instagram.)

    1. Yes there are a lot of pros & cons. Whether the pros outway the cons varies day to day...especially with the mood swings of a toddler! haha

  3. Ps - the cleaning is definitely my favorite part.