Thursday, March 5, 2015

All Moved In

We are all moved in!! 
Now I can take a seat & catch my breath.
Downsizing and getting rid of everything out of our old house was a lot of work. 
Especially considering...
#1. I didn't have a truck to haul junk away
#2. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old (they are time consuming in & of themselves)
#3. It's the middle of winter
#4. In one weeks time 

Had it been summer, I would have just thrown everything in my front drive and had a garage sale & giveaway. But I couldn't because the windchill was like -10 degrees. 
A truck also would've made my life much easier. The house came fully furnished so they only thing we packed was clothes, toys, & some kitchen utensils. That means I got rid of garbage bags upon garbage bags FULL of stuff!! Most was given away, thrown away, or donated to Salvation Army. I'm amazed it all got done in one weeks time. Did I mention I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old?! Those two alone are a full time job-add on having to pack you can probably imagine how overwhelmed I felt.
In the end, this is all we took to our new home.

And not even that much because I went through everything again to get rid of even more!
(And yes, my tiny house now is pretty much the size of the living room in my old house.)

My sister was a HUGE help in watching my kids, offering her van to haul stuff away, & helping with an extra hand in downsizing and packing. She kept me sane in the week of insanity. Now that the crazy week is over & we are all moved in I think it's time to relax and settle in.

So good to be home.

Samson thinks so too.

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